Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silk Spectre II v.s. Tomb Raider


Ok, if these 2 hardcore action ladies where to meet in a dark alley somewhere and thug it out, it would be interesting to see who’d win. I definitely know who I think would win the fight, how about you? ;)


Silk Spectre II    V.S. Tomb Raider

But in actuality this post is about something rather different, because I’m actually debating with myself which one of these 2 gorgeous kick-ass heroines to dress up as for a friend’s costume party on January 29.

I’ve searched high and low for all sorts of Silk Spectre II and Tomb Raider costumes on the internetz, and I’ve also looked through a couple of do-it-yourself videos. The thing is – as it always is –  is money and the price of said costumes.

I want to dress up for the costume party – but I don’t want to spend a sick amount of money on a costume that I might not use a second time. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Europe to the same degree as in the U.S., so chances are that that costume probably won’t get used again. So I’m still trying to figure out “money-wise” which costume to go with, and if it should be a rental or a home-made version of the same.

But there’s still some time before Jan. 29, so there’s a lot of time to think about this matter -  and plan it (money)wisely. I’ll definitely let you guys know, which one of the 2 cool hardboiled ladies I end up going as!!! :)


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