Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting In Gear For The Oscars: The Last 3 Movies I’ve Watched

So the Oscars are coming up and I’m in the midst of watching all of the Oscar nominees before the event. Hehe, hence the 2 last movies. The movie “127 Hours” is nominated in 6 categories including Actor In A Leading Role and Best Picture. While “The King’s Speech” is nominated in 12 categories including Directing and Best Picture.

The Oscars

As for the actual Oscars evening I’m still not completely sure where I’ll be watching it, but both my colleagues at work (we’re in the film industry, remember ;) and a few of my nearest friends (also in the film industry ;) are both planning to arrange something where we can watch the event together. So it’ll either be at my work or at my friend’s place that I’ll be watching the Oscars this year. I’m excited! ;)



1. DAS WEISSE BAND (Dir.: Michael Haneke)

Das Weisse Band


2. 127 HOURS (Dir.: Danny Boyle)

127 Hours


3. THE KING’S SPEECH (Dir.: Tom Hooper)

The King's Speech

I’d write a review of each film but I really don’t have the time right now, hence the short “quick-and-dirty” post. But I’ll definitely keep you all updated on my Oscars movie progress. And if I were to quickly say which ones I think were best then I’d definitely give 127 HOURS the top spot, followed by DAS WEISSE BAND and lastly THE KING’S SPEECH. Bye again, I’m heading off. :)

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