Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 Things That I Waste Money On


Inspired by Broke Grad Student’s post 5 Stupid Ways We Waste Money I decided to write a post of my own tackling the ways in which I waste money. Hence the astoundingly original title. Because knowing your weaknesses is, as they say, half the battle ;)

1. Misplacing stuff and then buying them again

This first bullet point on the list is taken straight off the BGS’s list and I think was probably the one that inspired me to make this post.

Because this really struck a cord with me. I lose stuff all the time. I buy new stuff to replace the stuff I’ve lost. Then I find the first stuff again between 3 mths. to 6 years (and counting…) later.

This is really a big one for me. I’ve got so much stuff and “extra” stuff. I didn’t realize this ‘till I recently started making calculations regarding how much to pay movers, how much to put stuff in storage, etc… if I was to move out.

A lot of money… mess_sepia woman tugging on hair

…out the window.

Photos by: Silvia Jansen & Josh Blake.

2. Going to the convenience store in the evenings instead of buying things at the supermarket during the day

Yes, another weakness.

I have a convenience store just literally 30 seconds outside my door. They’re open until 8:00 p.m.

convenience store

But they’re prices are twice as expensive as in a normal supermarket. So you can really feel the difference in your wallet. But they’re just so darn handy, dammit.

The closest supermarket is situated 12 minutes away. And they close at 5 p.m.

And well, I guess those are my only 2 arguments against…it.

Photos by: Belgrade Cooperative Association.

3. Eating out and Coffee-On-The-Go

More vices.

Eating out to dinner, grabbing food on the run, and getting coffee-to-go are more ways I spend unnecessary money.



Photos by: pidjoe & Starbucks.

4. Not remembering to close the lights, unplug my charger, and other energy wasting activities

I’ve been considering setting up a timer that beeps every 3-4 hours just to get me to check around the apartment for lights that’ve forgotten to shut.

Because this is a recurring thing, that you do one day then perhaps forget the next. That you do in the mornings, then maybe forget in the evenings.



So a reminder is always nice.

Photos by: Trendir & Global B2B Network.

5. Buying stuff I don’t need

Yes, the sin of all sins.


clutter_1 clutter_3


Buying things we don’t need is the single most important weakness that we all have and need to be aware of.

If I had in my entire life never bought a single thing that I didn’t need.

Then I wouldn’t need to worry about personal finance for the rest of my life.

Photos by: Ryan Stephens, Maria Ink, Crystal Visions & Red Stapler Chronicles.

So here are the 5 things that I waste most of my money on. It’s good to take a long, hard look at the bad spending habits one has.

The better the chance of changing them.


"I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something." - Jackie Mason



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