Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Net Worth: April 2009


You see, there’s a reason I don’t talk too much about my net worth on a day to day basis or have a graph of my financial situation on the sidebar. I want to. And I did for a while. But it was too depressing, I had to take it down again.

Because as you’ll see below my net worth is in the red. And my debt (my student loans) is just increasing and increasing and increasing every month. Until I’m finished in 6 months.


So nothing too impressive to write about there.

In 6 months though when I’m finished studying and I get out and get a job, then there’ll be more exciting things to write about concerning my financial situation. Then I’ll have a more exciting goal:  getting out of debt. (LOL, only we PF-bloggers would consider something like that exciting :)

But while right now it’s more in the lines of: save a lot to minimize debt, so I don’t have that much when I finally finish grad school.

However exciting or un-exciting this might be ;)

Well, there’s an update on my situation and net worth (negative net worth;)

Will be posting about something else in the weeks to come.

Well, at least until May :)


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