Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 Tips On How To Organize Your Job Hunting


When sending out job applications a systematic approach to job search helps. These are tips that I personally use to optimize and organize the process.


Here are 10 tips on how to organize your job hunting:

1. Set a goal for a specific number of job applications each week (i.e. 2 job applications per week).

2. Schedule a specific time (i.e. Sunday evening at 6 p.m.) for writing and sending out job applications.

3. Have stamps and envelopes in a drawer ready to use.

4. Use a binder to organize your job applications.

5. Print out a copy of the job application (and put in binder – Section A).

6. Print out a copy of the job listing (and put in binder – Section B).

7. Print out a copy of the reply (and put in binder – Section C).

8. Use a calendar to keep track of job interviews.

9. Keep track of sent job applications in an Excel-file (and use it as a “Table Of Contents” for your binder, if you wish).

10. Review your progress weekly and monthly.


Extra tips:

1. Use an online calendar (i.e. Google Calendar) or you the mobile phone’s calendar to keep track of job interviews.

2. Use a secure autofill form to quickly and easily fill out electronic recruitment forms.

3. Use a free PDF-writer (i.e. CutePDF or DoPDF) to professionally convert your job applications, resumes, etc. to PDF files in order to easily attach to e-mails or electronic recruitment forms - for free.

4. Organize your job applications by having a specific folder on your computer named “Job Applications” with subfolders, and do the same in your e-mail.


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